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Components are passed through different machine operation these are Turning, Drilling, Milling, Tapping and grinding. Proper jigs And fixtures are used to ensure precision & are inspected as per the drawing specifications with the sophisticated instruments

Moving parts of the water pump assembly as pulley and impellor are dynamically balanced to avoid uneven load on bearing and seal assembly during running.

All components which are fed to the Assembly shop are duly inspected by our exceedingly expert technical staff for dimensional accuracy & finishing. Water pumps are assembled with the precise tooling and fixtures to achieve the desired results.

With utmost care every water pump Assembly is tested for leakage test at following parameters.
R.P.M = 2200-2800
Water Temp. = 80-90C
Pressure = 15-20 PSI
Time Duration = 12-15 minutes.

Endurance Test is then carried out with uttermost precision to check life of seal, Assembly and bearing at following parameters, or as per customer specifications.
R.P.M = 3000
Water Temp = 90-95C
System Pressure = 10 PSI
Total Duration = 1000 Hours.

Research & Development and design centre helps the Production Department to meet changing demand of its customers. It is striving for continual improvement in components & overall water pump assembly. Our meticulous researchers spares no pains to ensure that every effort is made for the enhancement of the product.

Components are tested in our own lab for tensile strength, Elongation, hardness, spring load, microstructure, compression set, oil ageing etc. Our lab is fully equipped with all testing facilities to carry out the tests as per specification.

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